Vermisst! (Missing!): The Loss of Reason and Conscience in Germany!


German thinker M.Horkheimer (1895-1973) with his Jewish background were alive today, he could be
surprised to see how often the concept “the eclipse of reason” he suggested in a different sense is being
used today, particularly in a country where bigotry suppresses the others with various religions, lifestyle,
and races like what happened to him in Germany.
If German thinker M.Horkheimer (1895-1973) with his Jewish background were alive
today, he could be surprised to see how often the concept “the eclipse of reason” he
suggested in a different sense is being used today, particularly in a country where
bigotry suppresses the others with various religions, lifestyle, and races like what
happened to him in Germany. As mentioned by a connoisseur journalist A.Külahci in
his article titled “The Classic of Germany: Causing Trouble is Germans’ Business” it
is not quite easy to understand Germany and German politicians. Without a doubt
German politicians are there for Germany and Germany’s interests, happiness,
security, and future. Any decision taken by them may have positive or negative
outcomes. Especially those considered “foreigner” who live in Germany and even
who were born there do not have to be pleased with the decisions taken. However to
assure losing just from the beginning by taking unreasonable decisions requires
really “the eclipse of reason”. The provocative film in the US which is utter nonsense
and what happened following the release of the film have proved how easily “the
eclipse of reason” can spread. While “springs” are turning to “winter” the world is
being polarized rapidly. However exactly at that point the Muslims with an increasing
population living in Western societies require the issue to be taken into consideration
in detail.
Turks living in Germany have left half century behind. They adopted a sedentary life
in the 80s. And the 90s were quite tough years. When the Cold War ended, with the
excitement and happiness of unification of Germany people had the reflex of refusing
“foreigners” especially Turks. Suddenly Neo-Nazi groups consciously attempted to
“Germanize Germany and its purification from foreigners”. Solingen and Köln were
the most dramatic examples of it. Unfortunately those were not the only ones.
According to Die Welt’s explanations depending on the data by Amadeu-Antonio
Charity, since 1990 there have been 182 people killed because of violence caused
by extreme right-wingers (November 16, 2011). And the majority of those people
were Turks.
In the early 2000s Germans under the leadership of Syrian B.Tipi tried to suggest a
solution to “integration” problem which they cared a lot but had difficulty in explaining
it with a concept called “Leitkultur” (Leading culture); yet it failed. The paranoia
following September 11 not only increased the number of people who saw Turks as
the target but also it became widespread under the names of some concepts such as
“radical Islam, terror”. Citizenship, particularly dual nationality, was denied due to
unreasonable “security concerns”. To top it all, they created a “consciousness test”
(for instance asking questions like “What would you say if your son wanted to be a
homosexual?”) and implied their preference of “only those who are like us”. President
Wullf coming from Christian Democratic Party carelessly said “Islam is also a part of
Germany” and he paid for it. Then we experienced the issue of social democrat
T.Sarrazin. The “unobtrusive support” of Sarrazin whose book sold 2 million by his
insults on Turks was appalling. The serial murders during the years from 2000 to
2007 in a security state like Germany came in sight only once the group leaders had
their own problems and submitted themselves to justice. The gang having killed 8
Turks, 1 Greek who thought to be Turk and 1 German police officer robbed banks
and bombed during those 8 years, yet the police and intelligent services were not
able to catch them. The most desperate thing about these murders was that those
killed were innocent people. But it was also desperate and “successful” that first they
killed Turks and they misled people by claiming it as a “payoff” among Turks.
Hacettepe University Center for Migration and Political Studies did a research with
1058 Turks living in Germany in December, 2011 (
According to those studies Turks believe that these murders will continue and some
institutions of German government have some roles in these murders. Furthermore
they talked about very significant two opinions: 1.All Germans cannot be considered
responsible for these murders, small radical groups are behind this. 2. Regardless of
what happens, we live here permanently. Considering the outcomes, Turks’ good will,
their attitudes, will of living together, and consciousness are needed to be
highlighted. However the course continues with unbelievable scandals. The
documents are burned and destroyed. It has come out that some intelligent agents
and police officers have ties with Neo-Nazi organizations. And they try to solve the
problem through false agendas. Recently there are two useless agendas in
Germany: “circumcision ban” and “Vermisst” campaigns. By regarding “circumcision”
as “scarification”, German Court implied the fact that there is no room for other
religions. In that sense, they may also ban “fasting” in summer time, “prayers”
because it hurts knees, even “reading Quran” because it hurts eyes! Of course
nobody questions whether little girls’ wearing earrings or tattoos are scarification! We
should admit that “the eclipse of reason” was left behind rather with the power of
Jews than Muslim communities in Germany. “Saying ‘Do not circumcise your kids’ to
Jews means saying ‘Change your religion’” said Chief rabbi Jewish Y.Metzger in
Berlin. Actually it was that evident. Chancellor A.Merkel directly stepped in and they
removed the ban.
Before this matter of discussion ended, they tried to start “Missing” “We miss”
campaigns in the context of “Germany Security Cooperation Initiative”. German
Ministry of Interior is getting ready for a campaign with the help of billboards and
newspapers in order to “take the support of families and warn the society so as to
prevent young Muslims from being an Islamist terrorist”. For the campaign, planned
to start on September 21st, near the photos of people who are ordinary but of course
have black hair, black eyes, headscarves and whose names are “Ahmed”, “Fatma”,
etc.-in other words they are those young people who are evidently Muslims- they are
writing “This is our daughter Fatma. We miss her because we do not know her
anymore. Each day passing she is isolating herself from us and defending radical
ideas. We are afraid of losing her. We are afraid of letting her be a part of radical and
terrorist groups!” For this campaign German Interior Minister has spent 300 thousand
Euros. Vice Prime Minister B.Bozdağ with good reason criticizes the campaign and
says “if it continues, it will mean that German government sees the Muslims in
Germany as a threat to security and a potential danger to German society. It is an
evident attack to freedom of religion and conscience”.
The real name of this campaign can only be “the eclipse of reason”:
1. With the help of such a campaign they cannot prevent a person from being a part
of terrorist organizations. This kind of campaigns may even provoke them by putting
an emphasis on “alienation”.
2. All Muslims may be seen as potential terrorists by the westerns who got paranoid
about the photos of even ordinary Muslims following September 11.
3. While the atmosphere of terror-threat has actually been caused by Neo-Nazi
groups, these campaigns are being prepared. These campaigns are like making fun
of the people killed and their families and eventually they are not convincing.
When we take the numbers into consideration (there are approximately 3,8-4,3
million Muslims living in Germany and three million of them are Turks, 78%-69% of
them) , we can see who those campaigns are aimed at indeed. Moreover while
during this half century Turkish groups have not caused any security problems for
Germany; they have made a great contribution to both Germany and Turkey, Turks
living in Germany will be alienated from the German government and German society
if the campaigns continue. Furthermore these campaigns will cause Germans to get
paranoid because of their government. If this is not the eclipse of power, what is it

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